MS-SurfPic3All of the equipment and supplies are provided for your appointment including:  a great massage therapist, portable massage table, soothing music, pillows, sheets, oil/lotion, and essential oils. It’s important that there’s enough room for set up and to walk around a folding massage table.  The massages are professional, so there’s nothing sexual or sensual about them.

 Top notch professional mobile massage therapy in and around Albuquerque Metro.

Specializing in the following:

* Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)   *    Deep Tissue Massage   *    Sports Massage   *    Corporate Chair Massage    *     Rotator Cuff Injuries    *    Frozen Shoulder   *    Golf/Tennis Elbow   *    Swedish Massage    *    Trigger Point Therapy   *    Medical Massage     *    Hip Conditions   *    Spinal Fused Patients   *    Sciatica   *    Whiplash Rehabilitation

Massage for Auto Accidents – Insurance claims are accepted as well through your auto insurance med-pay with a prescription from your Doctor.








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