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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Throughout the week on KRQE This Morning, viewers have had the opportunity to explore different gift options for Mother’s Day. The popular holiday is typically a time when families give their mom’s the day off of work. One way to reward mom is through a massage and an even better way is when she can enjoy that in the comfort of her home. Muscle Surfing, a local company in Albuquerque specializes in just that practice.

Tavia Schwartz, owner and masseuse, says her patients usually appreciate the in-home massages as opposed to ones in the office. A big part according to Schwartz is avoiding the stress of driving to and from the massage as well as being able to relax at home after it’s all done.



ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – There’s nothing better than a soothing massage, except for when the massage is in your own comfort zone.

Whether it’s a medical, deep tissue, sports, chair or trigger point therapy massage,Tavia Schwartz of Muscle Surfing, wants to bring the massage directly to you.

Couples massages are also available. Two massage therapists will work on the couple in the same room.

If there is room, Schwartz can bring a full massage table or even just the chair, but she suggests that the space gives her enough room for the equipment, but also for her to move around.

Also, it’s a good idea if there are not any young children or loud animals present during the massage.

Schwartz is also a massage therapist to the stars. Some of the actors include, Sean Patrick Flanery, Carrotop, Adam Levine, Korn, and local celebrities such as, Governor Susana Martinez and Diego Sanchez of the UFC.

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